At "AI Curious", our mission is to bridge the gap between the exciting world of AI and curious minds who want to understand its impact and potential on everyday life, work and study.


Our vision is to create a most focused community of AI-curious individuals, dreamers, visionaries who see great potential in understanding, applying, and shaping the future of AI.

Designed for better understanding

3 AI Findings: Stay ahead of the curve in the AI revolution with our daily dose of news, insightful learnings, inspiring researches and groundbreaking advancements.

2 AI Tools: Start changing your daily routine, career and education with our carefully selected practical AI tools that bring the power of AI to your fingertips.

1 More Thing: Every weekday, we bring you a small and unique piece of content that will spark your curiosity. From an intriguing tweet, through thought-provoking questions, to an unexpected discovery.

Designed to act

Part of preparing for the future means understanding it. And understanding it often means trying it, testing it, breaking it. We want to do it together with you. Join us.

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